Our Practice

Our Practice

We understand injuries and pain from a medical ailment can be a setback. A setback to your psyche. A setback to your plans. A setback to life in general.  As a New Generation of progressive and invested professionals, we hope to shift your state of mind and nurture an environment for progress. Each patient will have a tailored treatment plan to maximize function and reduce pain. What does it mean by a customized plan? Every patient will have a thorough evaluation, in which the therapist will review any available physician notes, imaging, physical exam findings. We account for your values, goals, work tasks, and finances. Then we educate on lifestyle behaviors to prevent a recurrence of injury.

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To our patients, NewGen Physical Therapy is committed to providing an evidence based, patient centered care in a supportive environment.

To our employees, we commit to accommodate a safe, respectful workspace that fosters personal growth.

To our students, we want to inspire, educate, and impart a positive experience that will lead our young professionals to contribute their expertise and skills to the people of Guam.

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To build a reputation for providing the best patient centered service and results on Guam, and becoming a destination facility for the region.

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Core Values

We value compassion, caring for each of our patients with empathy and sincerity.

We value excellence, striving to provide the highest quality medical care and customer service to each patient who enters our practice.  We are dedicated to continuously improving our overall care and performance.

We value honesty and integrity, with each employee looking out for the patients' well being.

We value collaboration and teamwork. We understand the importance of communicating with you, our team, and with the referring health care providers.

Not only will we implement evidence based guidelines to set the standards, but also strive to exceed your expectations by thinking outside the box to provide results.


Dr Luan Nguyen, M.D
CEO, NewGen Physical Therapy