Chronic Pain / Complicated Injuries

Chronic Pain / Complicated Injuries

Complicated pain approach:

Long term, debilitating pain is more likely the result of numerous factors that often don’t have a simplistic cause and effect. It may be the result of a spine injury, damage to the joints, a difficult or complicated surgery, a motor vehicle accident, or a work related injury. More than likely, you will have been to multiple Physicians, Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, and Physical Therapists. None may have been able to relieve the pain long term, and you are still suffering.

Most of the complicated/Chronic pain cases are results of treating early symptoms and not taking into account of the multiple processes that have lead to the current situation. Our Physical Therapy approach is the look beyond and more at a biomechanics problem with the body itself. For example; posture, joint alignment, and mobility. This is more than just range of motion, it is the freedom and independence of the joints. The majority of the population can compensate for poor joint mobility and still have a relatively good range of motion.

After this, we need to assess your soft tissue injuries, muscles, tenderness, skin mobility, scar tissue mobility from surgery, muscle spasms and trigger points. As age progresses or recovery from injury, you naturally lose mobility of soft tissues. At NewGen physical therapy, our therapists, will assess your soft tissue limitations and restrictions and use manual therapy techniques to loosen and free these up.

We will need to assess the restrictions and limitations on your nerves. Many people with chronic pain or complicated cases have restrictions in how functional their nerves are. You may now have increased or high amounts of stimulation/sensitivity as the effect of chronic long term stimulation of nerves that perceive chronic pain. You may also have problems or issues with balance from neuropathy (pain in legs and arms - due to nerves). We have specialized treatment modalities to decrease hypersensitivity you may be feeling, stretch your nerves out and regain the balance you’ve lost.

Activity level are more commonly reduced with chronic pain and complicated cases; this is a natural human response. When anyone is in pain, they don’t want to do anything that may aggravate that pain.This leads to a negative loop of not moving due to pain, but not getting better from not moving. Our physical therapists will give you focussed exercises to aid in joint mobility, posture, greater balance and improvement to your soft tissues and muscles.

However, you will notice, any movement and increase in any form of activity, will be beneficial. Once the negative loop has ceased, the start of movement will begin. Contrary to popular beliefs, activity DOES NOT increase pain, activity will decrease pain. We will make sure you are in the right direction to getting better.

“Attitude is everything”

Chronic pain or complicated cases can debilitate patients, it can become discouraging, and frustrating, not only this, but it can take a toll on personal/work life, and your whole outlook on the future. These situations need to be addressed , if you’re having some difficulty with this, ask our therapist for a referral to a qualified professional to help in developing a positive and winning attitude/outlook.

Supplemental issues which prolong the healing process:

The trilogy of:

New Gen PT

All three can greatly contribute to long-term and ongoing problems. To take control of your life, you need to stop external chemicals controlling your life.

You must eat properly, excess weight causes the recovery process to become increasingly difficult. Correct nutrition is required to support the healing process.

“No Pain No Gain is a myth”

While dealing with chronic issues, NewGen Physical Therapy staff aim to work up to your pain levels, and not through them. We don’t believe increasing your pain is a beneficial modality, when manual therapy is used, we want to restore function without making your symptoms worse. The pain will only worsen in therapy when sports medicine approach is being conducted. The pain approach is to work within your tolerance levels, and regain your functional ability to function the way you want.

“Patience is a virtue”

Healing is a time sensitive issue, nothing happens overnight, and immediately. You won’t be able to see our therapists for one session and be back to your old 100%, your physical therapist will let you know how long treatment will take and how long we at NewGen Physical Therapy will work with you to make you better.