Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation

For Work related Injuries:

Having injuries at work can lead to significant stress, pain and aggravation, which can affect your functionality and ability to work efficiently and hence, acquire adequate income for your required needs.

Our priority is to ensure your pain is received and your recovery time is as short as possible. We focus on the following in regards to your recovery post injury:

  • Quick pain relief
  • Restoring functional ROM
  • Recuperated strength, stamina and flexibility
  • Ensuring a complete recovery post injury and reducing the number of future occurrences.

If needed, please contact your employer or case manager to discover how we can be of help to your recovery quickly and get you back to work safely.

For Employers:

Our facility offers a range of comprehensive programs for injured workers allowing quick recovery times and safe environments. If your employee has an injury, our focus is to regain and restore optimal health and function to ensure optimal job function and performance in a timely manner. We will provide case management, timely reports and a good line of positive divulgence between health care providers, workers and employers for the worker’s compensation case.

We will evaluate the workers’ functional abilities and gain information in relation to his/her job requirements. Treatment is not just evaluations, but restoration, therapy will include a mix of modalities, combining manual therapy, therapeutic exercise, mechanical training and patient education.

Preventative Care Benefits to Employers:

  • Increased worker productivity
  • Safe working environments for employees
  • Lost time reduction
  • Reduced cases of fraud and abuse of the system